TRIB3.0 is a digital first fashion platform for brands, designers, stylists and fans to all become ‘creators’. This platform shall foster creativity, expression, and community via a collective of creators from all over the world.

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The first digital platform

TRIB3.0 brings together creators wishing to remain part of the cultural conversation that is fashion, style and pop culture. Our creators are 3D artists / fashion designers / brands / celebrities / personalities all creating on the same platform.

TRIB3.0 exists to: Support and showcase creators of all backgrounds, situation, or location. Total inclusivity. To show the world that community / creativity / coherent projects can exist in Web3

" The supermodels of tomorrow aren't ambassadors you pay or a campaign, it's your collectors, empowered by the vision you set and the tools you allow them to use to express their creativity. A future where a brand is not valued by its sole equity, but by its ecosystem (brand + community) equity. A future world to build, together. "

— Benoit Pagotto

The first drop

Our first drop is “SPRING SUMMER 2022 – VOL 1” and this will comprise the 500 x 1/1’s from 100 different creators all designing 5 x characters. This will be epic, diverse, and monumental in terms of diversity, inclusion, and creative empowerment.

We will be releasing each creator via an awesome batch of video, interviews and maybe some surprise IRL meet ups through the lead up to the drop. It’s going to go off!

We are so proud of the platform and our community. We have created a platform for creatives to be able to express, create, collaborate, and engage with their peers, their customers, their future partners, and their fans.

We will drop the SPRING SUMMER 2022 – VOL 1 collection really soon and we can’t wait for you all to see who out of the 100 creators that maybe you know already, you just find, or you become a fan of, based on what they are doing with TRIB3.0.

The TRiB3

Holders of the vol 1 NFTs will be granted access to the TRiB3.0 design forum. The design forum is where the stylists, artists and designers collaborate to deliver the outstanding designs for TRiB3.0 and where holders and can choose their design! Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of TRiB3.0 DF.

Design forum members can expect exclusive merch, branded air drops, unique IRL events and amazing AR experiences as well as access to the creatives behind our amazing collections.

Minting info

Mint date: TBC
Mint price: 0.25ETH
Mint info: 3 mint per wallet

Our work

We provide a full-service suite for partners to execute brand and product
launches, activations, and events across the blockchain via consulting service

TRiB3.0 Team

The team hails from business, fashion, technology and finance. The team is extremely experienced in all matters of business management, technology and the fashion industry with most members on the senior team having over 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

This combined with a collective of young and dynamic technology, marketing and fashion-based creatives are the perfect blend of personnel to execute the business plan as is already clear from the traction achieved to date.


James Mack

Phil Rosario


100x Creative Directors



Jojo Morningstar

Toby Dooley

Jimi Cohen

Clear River Partners

Will Upton

How to mint

Step 1: Buy Ethereum

You can buy Ethereum through an exchange (such as Coinbase), a trusted site used by millions of people. Very simple with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Step 2: Download MetaMask

Download MetaMask from the Apple Store or Google Play. MetaMask is your wallet used to purchase, view and hold your NFTs.

Step 3: Mint your TRiB3.0 NFT

Once you have some Ethereum and your MetaMask setup, you can connect to our website, mint your TRiB3.0 access pass and then view it in your MetaMask wallet.


NFP stands for “non-fungible token”. It’s a unique, digital item with Blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own and trade.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that stores your Ethereum, which you need to puchase and mint a TRiB3 NFT.

A total of 500 unique 1/1 NFTs have been created for Vol 1.

The ERC-721 token is on the Ethereum Blockchain and file hosting is IPSF.

The NFT holder will have top tier access to private TRiB3 events. Not only will your NFT have unique value, bull will act as the ultimate ticket itself when you log into our token-gated area for “TRiB3 Fashion Week” to choose your design, redeem merch and more. Log into Discord to learn more about TRiB3’s utility.

It’s probably worth noting that you can view NFTs on the MetaMask mobile app, and on other marketplaces as well, so long as the wallet you used to puchase the NFT is the one that you’ve connected to OpenSea, or any other marketplace.

Get on the Whitelist! Sign up to Twitter & Discord & register for the Whitelist!

If you miss out then it’s OpenSea for secondary market sales. Get in quick!!!

There are no age restrictions when joining the TRiB3.

Your membership will remain valid as long as you are the NFT holder.

Unfortunately not. The NFT is intended for the person that purchased it.

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